Brazzers / - Luna Star, Angela White Dominuru / 19.6.2022
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Brazzers / - Luna Star, Angela White Dominuru / 19.6.2022

What better fantasy than taking the insanely attractive Angela White and Luna Star, placing them in a Hot And Mean massage scene, sprinkle in some narrative tension, and then only have them use their slick, oiled up curves to press against one another? Moaning lips, flashing eyes, squished tits, bouncing asses… It's enough to drive anyone wild in this femdom massage scene pitting two of the hottest women in the industry - literally and physically - against one another for their own sexual pleasure. Angela's big soft naturals pressed against Luna's perky, juicy ass. Grinding hungrily against one another to put the other in her place with eyes rolled back and an ecstatic smile on their face… Who will come out on top? Everyone!


Actor: Angela White Luna Star